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يا عين يا ليل

O star-drowned eyes, like night's own skies

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It is the function of art to renew our perception. What we are familiar with we cease to see. The writer shakes up the familiar scene, and, as if by magic, we see a new meaning in it.. ❞ -- Anaïs Nin

Girl. Mid-twenties. Artist/musician. Philosopher. Tsundere.

I was born, and now I am here. Much like you, do you not think so? ;) This, at least, we have in common.

My name, as far as you are concerned, is Aelia. It is not my professional name, the one that is stamped on documents and published academically, but that does not really matter. I like it and it's a nice nom de plume, so that is what I shall be known as on this journal publicly. I do have an established and developing professional presence somewhere, and I would like to keep that separate from this journal directly. I hope that can be respected.

Currently, I am a Master's degree candidate currently working on finishing my thesis and translating it into Chinese; I attend a university in Shanghai, China, which is why I am hitting my head against the wall even translating it to begin with. Please believe me when I say that it sounds more incredible and amazing than it actually is. ^^;;; I'm due to graduate in June and I will move to San Francisco, California at the end of the summer. What will I do there? Who knows? I'm just in it for the ride. XD I also am currently training as a soprano with aspirations towards opera, but again, who knows? I'm enjoying the process, in any case.

As for the rest... you'll just have to read in order to find out.

Interests (15):

4-ever-h, blaming emiya-kun for *everything*, creativity in exchange for madness, east asian philosophy, enduring with grace and tears, freedom from the known, incurable wanderlust, learning all the languages, misanthropic compassion, moving to san francisco, multi-tasking too much, profound yet simple truths, singing (both privately and at karaoke), so as i pray: unlimited tsundere works!, writing & illustrating
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